Georgia Extension: A Mother's Bond

Georgia Extension: Catherine Linda

These extensions expand the Self-Evident stories to Georgia. They start with a local case study, then ask students to compare and contrast what they see to the original story in order to draw deeper conclusions about Georgia history.


  • SS8H4.c: Explain how technological developments, including the cotton gin and railroads, had an impact on Georgia’s growth.
  • SS8H5.a. Explain the importance of key issues and events that led to the Civil War.


  1. Complete the Basic Plan for “A Mother’s Bond”
  2. Transition to your Georgia case study: “This is a story about a woman from Georgia. It’s also about the links between the South and North. While we often discuss these two regions as separate, opposing sides, there was a steady flow of people, trade, and ideas between them. We’re going to dig deeper into Catherine Linda’s story by exploring the bigger context of how Georgia was connected to the North before the Civil War. What do we think that relationship will look like?” Discuss a few ideas in pairs, small groups, or as a whole class. If students are stuck, you can ask about economic connections, how students think Georgia will react to abolitionist ideas, the flow of people between the regions, or any other links you wish to explore.
  3. Students should learn about connections between Georgia and the North. They can organize their evidence into facts that support the claim that “Georgia and the North were mostly separate” and “Georgia and the North were mostly connected.”
  4. Explore some or all of the following prompts to connect student research to the bigger issues of the Self Evident video. This could be done through discussion in pairs, small groups, as a whole class, or using a digital discussion board. Students could also do individual informal journal responses or more formal writing.
    • What connections did you find between Georgia and the North?
    • Overall, how linked were Georgia and the north before the Civil War: very, somewhat, a little, or not? What makes you say that?
    • Why do you think it was impossible for Georgia to be separate from the north economically? Or to keep ideas out? Or to stop people from moving between the two places?
    • How does knowing this history help us understand Catherine Linda’s story better?
    • How does knowing about these links help us understand Georgia’s history better?