Teach authentically on the histories of race and resistance in America

Our Work

Image from a multimedia video presentation of Elizabeth Freeman

Interactive Multimedia

Multi-perspective documentary content

We develop engaging documentaries designed for in-classroom use. Our documentaries include built in pause points with questions for discussion, as well as contributions from students.

Curriculum Development

Action research and ongoing content development

We create teacher-facing documents, student-facing content and student work activities across a wide spectrum of learning modalities. Our curriculum materials can be used in concert with our documentaries, and in stand-alone contexts.

Image of students and teachers working together on a project at a table.
Image of a person leading a discussion with a group of adults

Professional Development and Consultation

School and district workshops and long-term engagements

Through public workshops, as well as school and district level consultations, we work with communities of educators to develop capacity and knowledgebase for developing locally relevant curricula and learning experiences.

Our Purpose

Self-Evident Education is a digital humanities resource and community of educators of American history. We support educators and students to think critically about the role of race and institutional racism throughout United States history. We create highly engaging, multimedia, educational tools that educators, students, and communities can use to critically engage in conversations to understand the histories and the legacies of systemic racism in the United States. By honestly and rigorously studying the history of race in America, students will more fully understand who we are as a country, and how to build a more just society.

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